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Tigrr Jaxxon was the primary antagonist of the early episodes of Bolts & Blip, but the role was later taken by Dr. Blood, making him one the show's anti-heroes.

He is known as the star player of the Lunar League, evident many times throughout the series. He is the captain of the Galaxy All-Stars team, which unsurprisingly, because of him, is the top team in the League.

He was once suspected to be Blood's Bot, but as Blip investigates, he was revealed to be not the fearsome robot.

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Tigrr Jaxxon sports a well-built body and The Galaxy All-Stars logo on his chest. He also wears the team's helmet, along with a visor. As a reference to his name Tigrr, he has sharp teeth and black stripes on his legs, arms and torso.[1] In The Quest of the Goblin Crown, He wore a purple witch's hat, had long fake eyelashes and a grey gridded skirt.

Personality Edit

Tigrr plays the role of the arrogant and macho character in the show and often picks on the two protagonists Blip and Bolts But behind all that pride, he is really a coward, evident when he and Blip were trying to find a way to escape the tunnels when they were trapped inside. He also has a narcissistic personality, showing no generosity to any of his fans, and frequently showing off his unique talents and shiny appearance. He once used a mechanic as a footstool and fired him.[2]



Almost nothing is known of his history, but from what can be put together from The Quest of the Goblin Crown, Tigrr always wanted to be a painter but was forced to be a battle-bot to please his mean programmer (presumably Dr. Blood)

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References Edit

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  • His personality is based on the typical meatheads Patrick Warburton played.
  • He actually wanted to be a painter, but became a battle-bot to please his programmer.
  • His bobble head figure always says the following: "Buy my stuff, punk! ROAR! Look at my chest!"
  • His name is a reference to Tiger Jackson, a character in the Tekken franchise.[1]
  • He was once mistaken for the Blood's Bot.
  • Tigrr is afraid of the child-frightening Boogey Bot , a reference to the Bogeyman.
  • He often appears in the advertisements for Dloob Cola. His usual routine is drinking the cola and giving a positive comment about it.

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