The Schleprechaun Water Plasma Pistol is a special water-based weapon created by the Schleprechauns and used by Blip to guard the Black Box.

Background Edit

The pistol is like any other water-based weapon, but with some modifications. Its ammunition has been enhanced by the powers of Pot of Goldium, which can reduce opponents to nothing, leaving only a green mist. The shots it fires has more power than a typical water rifle as well, enough to knock the giant MegaBlood.

History Edit

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King Spinklewinks gave the pistol to Blip in order to protect the Black Box from Dr. Blood. After a squadron of Blood Bots raid the Schleprechauns' Lair, Blip fires at the Blood Bots, making them dissolve one by one until they were all gone. He would later break up his friendship with Bolts over the importance of protecting the Black Box.

After that, Blip, Helsing V and Mot Bot raid Dr. Blood's Lair to rescue Saedee. Blippfires a blast from the pistol to knock away a Blood Bot and the rest of the gang attacks, but unfortunately, reinforcements arrive and they call the Schleprechauns to knock them out. Dr. Blood flees and they rescue Saedee. They proceed to rescue the Civi-bots fleeing from the MegaBlood.

When Dr. Tommy arrives, he tells Blip to have faith before he was going to battle Bolts in the MegaBlood. As the two verse, Blip fires blasts of green electrified water via Schleprechaun Water Plasma Pistol, but he only pushes the MegaBlood a bit backward. He tells Bolts it didn't have to be like this, but to no avail. He loses the pistol and is knocked out. Seeing what he has done, Bolts cries, but Blip gets up and the two reunite. Blip finds the pistol and Bolts is in the MegaBlood again and they fire at incoming Blood Bots, defeating them all. Dr. Blood is eventually defeated when Blip learns to control his Super Mode, rendering the pistol useless.