Schleprechaun Prince

Prince Coopwoodle is the son of King Spinklewinks. Appearing only once in The Magic of the Schleprechauns, he was thought to have been missing, but he was living inside the Reformatter.

Design Edit


Coopwoodle has a slightly shorter height than the rest of the Schleprechauns. Even though he is Spinklewinks' son, he has a pretty grown up voice. He has small hair and wears a leprechaun-like outfit.

Personality Edit

He appears to like video games made by the Black Box, shown when he is inside the Reformatter. He had not wanted to go back to the Schleprechaun lair when he was playing in the Reformatter because he felt no one took him seriously.


Bolts & BlipEdit

He was searching for the Black Box when he suddenly was consumed by the Reformatter. He was never seen again, until Blip, Bolts and Saedee searched for the Black Box. Having to use Bolts' head to enter the Reformatter to retrieve it, Coopwoodle and Bolts meet. They decide on a bet that if Coopwoodle wins, Bolts has to serve him as his slave. Fortunately, the former loses and Coopwoodle is indefinitely grounded.[1]


  • He is the only robot to have survived inside the Reformatter.
  • A robot resembling Coopwoodle appeared in TiGrr By The Tail.


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