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Mot bot

Mot Bot

Mot Bot is an old rusty robot who became Blip's mentor and taught the latter about what Dr. Blood wanted and that Blip was Dr. Tommy's secret weapon. He equips a staff that can electrocute robots.[1]

He became a supporting protagonist before the pre-climax of the series.[2]

Design Edit

Appearance Edit

His appearance shows he is fat like Coach Gridiron but shorter in height. His color is rusty brown, which makes him look old. He has blue eyes and wears rusty brown suspenders. Mot Bot also appears to have blue dots on his waist.

Personality Edit

As he is a mentor to Blip, he teaches Blip his origins and who Dr. Tommy was and what Dr. Blood planned to do. He also told Blip about the mysterious Blood's Bot and what abilities it possesses. He tends to hide in trash cans and he once spent a whole summer in one, as he wants to be invisible to the Civi-Bots. Mot Bot is also intelligent.

References Edit

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