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The Lunar League is an organization that holds a series of sports that are participated by robots known as Battle-Bots on the moon, where different teams of Robots compete against other teams. Civi-Bots cannot participate.[1] This was intended to replace the Extreme Robot Elimination Matches.

Background Edit

The Lunar League was created by Earth Command to solve human conflicts as part of the C.R.A.T.E.R Project, which stands for Combative Robotic Answer to Earth Rivalry. It uses water for ammunition because of ecological purposes and causes harmless rust to robots according to Blip (also adding that he thinks it's cheap). The Lunar League competitons can be brutal, considering the amount of physical activity required and the high risk of being injured. This is demonstrated many times throught the whole show.

Since most of the matches involve shooting and rusting all the opponents with a Water Rifle, it doesn't put much of a strain on well-organized teams, like the All-Stars or Blood Bots, but it varies.

References Edit

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