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Hellsing V

Helsing V (pronounced Helsing 5) was a vampire hunting robot. He helped Blip cure his teammates when they were infected by Dr. Blood's vampire virus. Because of this, he becomes a supporting protagonist, especially in the series' climax.

He is armed with an arm-mounted crossbow, which he uses to trap vampires and is also a pool cleaner.

Hellsing V crossbow

Helsing with his crossbow.



He is dressed like a traditional vampire hunter, with a long coat and big hat. He has golden skin, which is unusual to other robots. He has blue eyes and black "hair".

Personality Edit

Helsing is a polite bot, and addresses hostile situations calmly. He traditionally speaks only British English.


  • He is a parody of Van Helsing, a character from the book Dracula.


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