"Beating the All-Stars is impossible!"
— A discouraged Welder tells the Thunderbolts

Galaxy All-Stars
Galaxy All-stars




Tigrr Jaxxon


Tigrr Jaxxon's Mechanic
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Tigrr Jaxxon with the team's standard water rifle.

The Galaxy All-Stars or All-Stars for short are a top ranking team in the Lunar League which are led by Tigrr Jaxxon. They served as the primary antagonists of the early episodes, until Dr. Blood was introduced.

They are also one of the most popular and formidable teams in the Lunar League, next to the Blood Bots.


The All-Stars are an incredible team, performing especially well in the the Lunar League, continuously beating their opponents, once to the point where it was pretty much impossible to beat them, until Blip and Bolts joined the Thunderbolts and made it possible to do so, losing only by one point.[1] Because of their popularity of their captain Tigrr Jaxxon, he often appears to talk with Klank Lockton or on Dloob Cola advertisements.

Their common attire is a black helmet with a visor each outfitted to their head size. Their common colors are white and orange, much like their captain.

Trivia Edit

  • One of their members is called Dave.[2]

References Edit

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