Dee Dee
Dee Dee
Known Stats
Affiliation Thunderbolts (formerly)
Iron Maidens (off screen)
Gender Female
Race Robot
Occupation Civi-Bot (formerly)
Battle Bot
Allies Blip
Saedee (cousin)
Bolts (date)
Enemies Lannoya

Dee Dee is a robot who is Saedee's younger cousin. Before, she was an untrainable Battlebot who acted too sweet. Now she is a Battlebot, who was with the Thunderbolts and won every single game (with the help of an aggression chip.) until she decided to join the Iron Maidens, because she thought she would better fit with them.[1]She was never mentioned or seen again.



Dee Dee's appearance looks similar to Saedee's with the same turquoise eyes and shape, the differences are that her hair is just one solid color, unlike Saedee, who has a variety of colours, mainly different shades of blue and pink. Almost every part of Dee Dee's body is pink or light purple, with the exception of her beige face. She is also taller then Saedee.


Dee Dee's personality changes during her only debut, the prior one being her being a sweet person, Now her new one incorporates her being a tough bot, demonstrating a more fierce one occasionally talking like when she was with the chip.


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