Blip and Bolts as Civi-Bots.

Civi-Bots are a class robots that are the civilians of Lunar City. Some of them include Steve, Accoun-10, Tigrr Jaxxon's Mechanic and Scrappy. This is only a small fraction of the large population of Lunar City. They are most commonly seen in the spectator area in the Lunar League.

Background Edit

Civi-Bots make up the majority of the population of Lunar City, and their characteristics are similar to a modern human's civilization. Civi-Bots are able to get jobs, like human civilians, except the career of being a Battle Bot unless they are drafted by Earth Command.[1] Civi-Bots must also follow the laws given to them, for example, a Civi-Bot known as Accoun-10 broke the law because he was one of the members of an illegal fight club. Robots are classified as Civi-Bots if they are not in the Lunar Police and not a Battle-Bot. Most Civi-Bots are scrawny (excluding thugs) and egotistical.

References Edit

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