"Yes, but I'm super-duper worried about the Blood Bots! They are like nothing anyone's ever seen before, in fact, nobody even knows who made them, or just what their weapons can really do."
Steve talks about the Blood Bots' strange appearance in A Kinder, Gentler Gridiron

The Blood Bots are huge robots that serve as Dr. Blood's personal army and as supporting antagonists in Bolts & Blip.

When making their debut, they speak in a deep tone. Thought to have just merely called themselves after Dr. Blood, they were actually built and created to secretly serve the ruthless doctor, until this was revealed by Mot Bot.[1]

The Blood Bots have proven to be the most formidable opponents in various matches, especially against the Thunderbolts.[2]

Design Edit



Blood Bots' point of view.

The Blood Bots are massive and tall drones with heavy water cannons equipped on their left arms. They have glowing red "veins" all over their bodies along with a blood drop shaped emblem built respectively in the center of their chests and have glowing red slits for eyes. Each Blood Bot has the exact appearance and voice, speaking in a deep, typical robot voice. They hover above the ground, but occasionally, they walk. Blood Bot commanders are usually indicated with an antenna on their heads.

Personality Edit

The Blood Bots' personalities are hard to pin down as they are completely emotionless and that they are only designed for mass destruction and violence. However, they serve Dr. Blood without question, following his every command. They will do anything to complete it, even willing to leave some other comrade rusted. Due to their lack of emotion, they are socially stupid.

Biography Edit

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History Edit

The Blood Bots were created by Dr. Blood after the creation of Blood's Bot to secretly do his bidding, while playing as a team in the Lunar League.

Bolts & Blip Edit

Blood Bot close-up

The Blood Bots are first introduced as the Thunderbolts' new opponents in the Lunar League, first mistakenly called the "Blood Bots". With their superior weapons and firepower, they easily win against the Thunderbolts, injuring them all. They soon meet a reprogrammed Blip, who challenges them to a dare and whoever loses scrubs the winner's back hatch. They accept.

At the next match, the Blood Bots are met by reprogrammed teammates who later are fixed by Steve and Bolts. They reprogram everyone but forget Blip, who was being stepped on by the Blood Bots. Blip was supposed to scrub their back hatches, but he hired Plingmonger to do it instead. A Blood Bot tells him to move lower as he scrubs.


Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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