The Thunderbolts, a Battle-Bot team.

The Battle-Bots are a special class of robots who play in the Lunar League games. They include the Galaxy All-Stars, The Thunderbolts, the Iron Maidens, The Tread Heads and the Blood Bots.

Background Edit

Unlike Civi-Bots, the Battle-Bots get much more respect. But like the Civi-Bots, some of them are a bit egotistical, especially Tigrr Jaxxon, a Battle-Bot who loves to win and has a bunch of fans.[1][2][3] According to Gridiron, Civi-Bots cannot become Battle-Bots themselves; they have to be on a specialized list created by Earth Command. A good example of this is when one time, Bolts and Blip asked to become Battle-Bots, and Gridiron couldn't accpet them, becase they were still Civi-Bots at the time. The majority of Battle-Bots are strong and have a muscular or large build-up. Blip and Bolts do not fit this category (excluding Blip's Super Mode) because they joined purely by accident. Battle-Bots also need a weapon at their side on some occasions to defend themselves, such as a Water Rifle, or otherwise be rusted or injured by an opponent. 


  • Some Battle-Bots bear a resemblance to Civi-Bots.
Tiggr guy man

Tigrr with his team's water rifle.

References Edit

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