Bat Bot is a robot created by Dr. Blood to spread the V-4 Vampire Virus to Saedee.

Design Edit


Bat Bot sports bat-like appearances, such as pointy ears and flimsy wings. Bat Bot also has one red dot for an eye and is also equipped with red fangs loaded with the V-4 virus.


Bat Bot, like most of Dr. Blood's creations has no emotions, so he is programmed just to obey the maniacal doctor.


Bolts & BlipEdit

Bat-Bot was hanging on the ceiling of the Thunderbolts Headquarters, waiting for the chance to bite a sleeping Saedee. However at his first attempt, Saedee turns over, knocking him into the trash can, causing her to wake up. As she peers inside, Bat-Bot assaults her and successfully infects her.


  • Bat-Bot was never shown again after it infected Saedee.


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